Karma Rx – Very Naughty School Girl

Scintillating Karma Rx insists she’s “innocent AF”. We’re happy to take her at her word. Given how she looks in these images, though, we can understand that some may find it a bit difficult to believe. Judge for yourself by owing these ultra-high quality, 3000-pixel images of Karma. You may conclude that she is indeed, a very naughty school girl. Contact dezertimagez@gmail.com for set pricing.

Karma Rx – Wet and Wild!

Karma Rx: “Wet and Wild” or “Perfect in Polka Dots”? She’s certainly both and we struggled with the choice. Listening to Karma though, she gets very wet, and she gets very wild. So that’s the way we went. But you can decide for yourself by owning these stunning, ultra-high resolution images of the perfect, wet, wild and altogether captivating Karma. Contact dezertimagez@gmail.com for set pricing.

Karma Rx – Dangerous Curves

It’s been said that if blonde stunner Karma Rx were a street sign, she’d be “Dangerous Curves”. Who are we to argue? In a tiny, pink, animal print bikini, Karma does looks plenty dangerous. Dangerously enticing, that is. And she gets even more enticing as she teases that tiny bikini off. See for yourself by owning this dangerously hot set. Contact dezertimagez@gmail.com for set pricing.