Danielle Derek – Rainbow Bikini

This release features two of our favorite things, rainbows and stunning blonde-bombshell Danielle Derek. Danielle is truly femininity personified in this colorful, if tiny, bikini. Danielle being Danielle, however, the bikini doesn’t stay on for long. With breath-taking results! See for yourself by owning Danielle Derek – Rainbow Bikini, in stunning 3000-pixel resolution. Contact dezertimagez@gmail.com for set pricing.

Victoria June – Raven Haired Temptress

Words alone seem insufficient to describe Victoria June. Sexy, stunning, shapely and sultry are all accurate. And those are only the “Ss”! We’ll just leave it to you and your eyes to determine how to properly (and sufficiently!) describe Victoria. Owning these stunning images, as in the entire 3000-pixel set, is certainly a step in the right direction. Contact dezertimagez@gmail.com for set pricing.