Mary Carey – Red or Black?

Which do you choose, red or black? Do you prefer stunning feature entertainer Mary Carey in a body-hugging, red mini-dress? Or a body-hugging, black mini-dress? Don’t worry, there are no incorrect answers! If you wish to examine the choice more closely, say, in 3000-pixel resolution, feel free to purchase “Mary Carey – Red or Black?” today. Contact for set pricing.

Laura Lee – Two-Toned Bikini

It’s not easy to simultaneously tantalize-in-turquoise while being perfect-in-pink, but luscious Laura Lee manages to pull it off. In fact, she pulls it off with aplomb. Granted, Laura’s killer curves would look great in any bikini, but these colors seem to suit her especially well.
Of course, Laura doesn’t wear her bikini for long, but that’s something else again. See for yourself by owning these ultra-high, 3000-pixel images of luscious Laura Lee. Contact for set pricing.

Diamond Tina – Bikini Temptress

We counted ourselves lucky indeed recently, when Vegas-based entertainer Diamond Tina was in town, and allowed us to shoot her. With the face of an angel, and a set of curves that are illegal in seventeen states, Tina is indeed a fantasy personified. The water temperature in the jacuzzi went up ten degrees as we began shooting Tina. Or perhaps that was only our imaginations at play. See for yourself just how hot Tina is, by owning these ultra-high quality, 3000-pixel images. Contact for set pricing.

Nina Elle – Come To Bed

We’re all in love with Nina Elle’s big, beautiful come-to-bed eyes. Well, Nina has other remarkable attributes we’re big fans of as well. We’re sure you’ll agree. See for yourself by owning Nina Elle – Come to Bed, in ultra-high quality, 3000 pixel resolution. Contact for set pricing.

Bridgette B – Sexy Financial Advisor

Bridgette B is a fantastic financial advisor. She looks so good in office attire, and everything fits so well! Eventually that attire comes off, however. And things get even better! See for yourself by owning Bridgette B – Sexy Financial Advisor. Contact for pricing on this set of ultra high resolution images.