Bridgette B – Cleanliness and Sexyness

We think you’ll agree that no one demonstrates “cleanliness is next to sexiness” quite like blonde stunner Bridgette B. She starts off modeling a cute bikini, then transitions to an arousing sponge bath – with and without the bikini. Suds never looked so good! See for yourself and own these stunning, ultra-high resolution images for yourself. Contact for set pricing.

2 thoughts on “Bridgette B – Cleanliness and Sexyness

  1. Without doubt one of the best image sets that I have ever purchased. When DezertImagez got to work with her in late 2016, Bridgette B looked at her absolute best. This image set works so well because there is both a strong narrative structure and an intimacy to the location of a shower with a bench. Bridgette poses in a gorgeous Revolution Beach bikini by Malibu Strings, which has an amazing sheen in the ultra-high resolution images. The cascading ties of the bikini bottom are, strange to say, integral to the perfect structure of these images. Excellent use of an innocuous background and shallow depth of field allows Bridgette to gleam like ruby gem. Bridgette wears her hair up throughout this set, a feature that I happen to absolutely love. Hair and makeup are perfect here (whoever DezertImagez employed is talented). There is suggestive wringing-out suds over her bikini, and pouring of shower cream all over her assets once the bikini comes off, lathered up with a sponge. The set ends with Bridgette on the bench seat looking up coquettishly. Bridgette B has an aesthetic quality rarely matched and exudes self-assuredness, yet remains coy – an indefinable combination that is utterly intoxicating.

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