Laura Lee Leopard Bikini 1

Laura Lee looking incredible in a leopard print bikini. Many more images of Laura are available, in ultra high 3000 pixel resolution. Email


1 thought on “Laura Lee Leopard Bikini 1

  1. This image set works so well because of the complementary contrasts that abound: sultry dark hair; blue-green eyes; water that appears vitriform; wood; jewellery; gravel; skin; rocks. But it is the vivid hues of the bikini that are integral to the impact of these images, even when Laura Lee holds it aloft when nude. When it is discarded, the few final few images seem somehow decolourized. Laura Lee is an incredibly model with flawless skin, emphasised in the ultra-high resolution images: toned abs, well-defined neck muscles, beautiful clavicles above deep cleavage of enhanced breasts. Laura appears like a mischievous nereid emerging from fathomless depths, teasing and squeezing, playfully slipping fingertips beneath bikini ties. Laura wears her hair up throughout this set, a feature that I happen to absolutely adore. There are a couple of minor issues with the set. Firstly, the set as purchased seemed rather disordered so I rearranged the images to create a stronger narrative framework, something I prefer. Secondly, the five landscape images in the set are not 3000-pixel resolution, which is a shame because one of those is my favourite image. I appreciate that this is an early set by DezertImagez, which may explain both of these minor issues.

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